West End Collegiate Church

New York, NY
Developer | Owner
  • Collegiate Church Corporation, New York, NY
  • Beyer Blinder Belle Architects, New York, NY
  • Beyer Blinder Belle Architects, New York, NY
General Contactors
  • CCNY Construction, New York, NY

Glenn Rieder completed a remodel and update of the historic West End Collegiate Church in New York City, which is affiliated with the world’s oldest Protestant Church. Originally built in 1892, it was constructed in Dutch Colonial style and was modeled after the 1606 Vleeshal in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Glenn Rieder was tasked with remodeling the church and related parish buildings in exactly the same color and detail of architect Robert W. Brown’s original craftmanship. As his primary building theme, Brown utilized long thin bricks of a Roman pattern, brown in color, and trimmed freely with quoins and blocks of terra cotta, as well as interior hand carved oak detailing.

Glenn Rieder fabricated red oak stile and rail wainscot in the church multi-purpose room and school areas. The result was increased functionality for church functions and school services. Custom carved oak standing and running trim, as well as oak passage doors, were also created throughout the newly renovated office space for parish and school staff.