Our Reach

Beginning in Wisconsin in 1946 as a small woodworking shop, today Glenn Rieder has grown into a national subcontractor that has successfully completed projects all over the United States.

Today Glenn Rieder maintains offices in Milwaukee, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Las Vegas and Tijuana, Mexico. Our national footprint allows us to complete unique jobs throughout the country. We maintain supplier relationships not only in North America, but also in Europe and Asia as well. Our longstanding experience across time zones has led to streamlined services ensuring our customers receive the best quality products available today.

GR Contractor Licensing:

  • Arizona License #ROC100149
  • Arkansas License #0242550513
  • California License #806530
  • Idaho License #RCE-40966
  • Florida Palm Beach County #U-22027
  • Florida Broward County #15-CRP-19800-R
  • Flordia Miami-Dade County #08BS00197
  • Florida Hillsborough County #SP14282
  • Louisiana License #31123
  • Mississippi License #09655
  • Nevada License #41864

QCFC Contractor Licensing:

  • Arizona License #108682
  • California License #258216
  • Idaho License #RCE-41062
  • Louisiana License #55308
  • Nevada License #0036981
  • Utah License #6118994-5501
  • Washington License #CCQUACICF88mc/UBI: 601-619-936